PW (Presbyterian Women)

PW meets on the third Tuesday of each month from October to March and begin the session with our annual PW service.

As women of all age groups, we aim to encourage , support, rejoice with and strengthen each other. United in Christ we are stronger, ready to meet life’s daily challenges. As we support PCI personnel at home and abroad.

We follow a varied programme, so come along for friendship, fellowship and fun.

PW annual church service – Sunday 7th October 11.30 am

PW Service Sunday 7th October 2018

Ladies’ choir at the annual PW service.
Denise & Rory Wilson, guest speakers at our PW service.

50th Anniversary Praise Service of Ballywatt PW

On Sunday 5th March Ballywatt PW celebrated their 50th anniversary of their PW within Ballywatt. This celebration took the form of an evening Praise Service – with special guest choir – Causeway Chorale.

PW Group Programme

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For more information, please contact Jeni Caldwell

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